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A Sonic Generations Discord rant thing.
    Air Chomp: Also, in that video earlier, did you notice the Red Star Ring? For some reason which I can't put my finger on.. I've become kinda intrigued by what they could be used for in that game. (Talking about Sonic Forces)
    Shane Leath: Hopefully something worth collecting them for and not just for 100%
    Air Chomp: Hoping so too. I liked what they did in Generations, really, you get a Homing attack for Classic if you get 'em all there.
    Shane Leath: Yeah.

    Air Chomp: Meanwhile, the Handheld 3DS version just kinda.. hands it to ya xD
    Shane Leath: I still need to play the 3DS version.
    Air Chomp: Okay, I won't spoil much more than that then x3
    Shane Leath: I just wish that they made it with zones from the handheld games instead of the same games as th
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Sonic Universe Timeline
Sonic Universe Timeline
    This is my headcanon timeline of events based upon The4thSnake's Sonic Timeline, the Archie Sonic timeline, and a few other sources. It also includes the birthdates and ages of the Characters in each game, their birthdates are either the same day the game they debut in was or the birthdate of one of their voice actors/actresses is. I took a few liberties with the history of the Echidnas, Dark Legion, and Brotherhood of Guardians. Also there are three eras present on the timeline, B.C. - Before Chaos, A.C. - After Chaos, and P.X.E which I don't know what it stands for. The Gods and Goddess mentioned are both based on how they are presented in the games/comics and the Greek Gods and Goddess.
    A few not
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Sonic Adventure Rewrite :: Amy Rose's Story.
Amy Rose’s Story
    It’s evening, around 7, in Station Square and the guests of Room 81 were still up and about, well one guest was in the room waiting for her roommate to return. Amy Rose was sitting out on the patio with her deck of Tarot Cards in front of her on the table, a few scattered in front waiting to be read, and the Tarot Meaning book next to her splayed open to the Love Card meanings. She’s got her head resting on an open hand which is propped up on the table, she’s going through the Tarot Reading steps but not paying any real attention to the cards that come up; she’s got other things on her mind right now…
Amy:This always happens, every trip, every adventure. We check into a hotel, put our bags in the room, he runs off to explore the place, then when we do decide to do something together he runs off with Tails to stop some maniacal Eggman plot. Why can’t it be like the good ole d
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Sonic Adventure Rewrite :: Knuckles' Story.
    It’s late at night, the Moon is barely visible behind grey storm clouds which look ready to burst at any moment. Dr. Eggman’s Egg Carrier flies into frame flanked by Egg Fighters, the camera pans downward a bit and Angel Island is seen, the camera fades to Shrine Isle where Knuckles is sitting on the top step of the Master Emerald Shrine, leaning against a stone pillar, arms crossed, and doing his best not to fall asleep.
Knuckles: “As far back as I can remember, I’ve been living here on this floating island, ever since I was a child and my Father left me, my life has always been guarding the Master Emerald from anything that can harm it. He never told me why I was given this job only to protected as if it were my own child. I was never told why it was my fate, just that I’m destined to be here… guarding… forever…”
    The stillness of the night is interrupted when from behind he he
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Sonic Cast Age Table V.1 :iconshadowrulz324:ShadowRulz324 1 0 Sonic Cast Height Table V.1 :iconshadowrulz324:ShadowRulz324 1 3
Sonic Adventure Rewrite :: Tails' Story.
Miles 'Tails' Prower's Story
    High in the skies above Station Square Tails is flying about testing out his newest biplane prototype, it has yet to be painted and was just the silver body and engine. The propeller was whirring at a steady pace and the engine roared as Tails put the plane through it’s paces, he swooped low and soared high, did a loop de loop, barrel and aileron rolled. Tails smiles as he adjusts his goggles and checks the gauges. 'Believe in Myself' Instrumental is playing in the background.
Tails: “Alright! Everything’s working fine, all systems are a go. Full speed ahead!”
    He jinxed it. Because a minute later the propeller starts to slow and the engine starts sputtering.
Tails: “Uh-oh… Not good, not good, not good!
    The plane starts to desce
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Sonic Adventure Rewrite :: Sonic's Story
Sonic's Story
    It’s night time in Station Square as the camera opens and sweeps across the crowded streets, police sirens can be heard in the distance, thunder cracks, lightning flashes and the rain begins to fall harder. As the camera turns skyward we see a police helicopter fly by and blue streak leaping from rooftop to rooftop following it, the camera cuts up the rooftop where we see Sonic standing on the edge taking in the city skyline. 'It Doesn't Matter' Instrumental is playing in the background.
Sonic:Aw yeah! This place is happenin’! Nothing like the Islands, Here I feel like a Comic Book Hero, The Rush -he dashes down the building, across the roof, and up another building, leaping off at the peak- The Dark Bat, and the Super Surfer, all rolled into one; then again I guess I already am one… I wonder if- -Police c
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Sonic Adventure Rewrite :: Intro and Background.

All information is from Sonic Retro or TV Tropes.
    Created as the flagship title for the SEGA Dreamcast and the first official fully real time 3D title for the Sonic series, it was designed to be Sonic's 'Super Mario 64' and break them out of the financial and reputational rut that SEGA experienced during the SEGA Saturn years. It was released in Japan on December 23rd, 1998, receiving releases in North America, Europe and Australia between September and December of 1999. The game marked a new era in the franchise, with a completely different feel and style than what was found in the 16-bit era. Originally referred to as Sonic RPG, the intent was to give a Sonic game a mor
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A Silver Story Pt 2.
    As their plane touched down at Segata Sanshiro International Airport Silver was still clueless as to how he wound up in this position, sure he wanted to help find Sonic but he also didn’t want to go timeline hoping to do so. He was not looking forward to telling Master Mogul about this when he got back home, if he ever did that is. His thoughts were interrupted by Amy tossing a bag in his lap. “Come on boy, we’re here.” “Right.” He grabbed the bag and entered the slow moving line of businessmen, tourists, and flight attendants exiting the plane, the pilot thanked them for flying with them and to have a nice day and they continued down the corridor into the airport. As they made their way to the baggage claim Silver question Amy more about the past, he was unable to do so during the flight as he fell asleep from exhaustion; time travel can really take it out of a man. “So Amy, what exactly happened during this battle that woul
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A Silver Story Pt 1.
Alright so this is an idea (part of it anyway) that has been floating around in my head for awhile now (and keeping me awake at night), what it is a scene from a chapter from a Silver game that I think would be very cool. What the chapter would be about is Silver learning that there are certain points in time that should not be changed as the result of changing that point could end up being far more worse than what made him go back in the first place. A story about setting right what once went wrong, the fallout of the change, and then making wrong what once went right.

    There was a flash of light and Silver popped out of the time portal and landed on a marble floor, he looked around him and saw around he was in some sort of grand hall with a high vaulted ceiling, red flags with golden trim and chandeliers hanging from the struts, and long, wide red carpet running the len
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I'm a Knight of Kronos, got a problem with that?
Chapter __: End of Time. (Placeholder Title)
Yahallo! Shane Leath here and it's another Doctor Who X Silver experiment, this one would take place right before the final level of the game and takes inspiration from 'Voyage of the Damned' specifically the 'I'm the Doctor' scene. Again if you're a whovian, you know the scene and if you're not here it is.
It’s final hour, do or die time. Well it would be if Mephiles hadn’t succeeded in destroying the timestream and wiping Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Rouge, Omega, Queen Elise, Dr. Eggman and all the rest of the Sonic cast from all zone’s (i.e. Universes such as The Main Games, Boom, Archie, Fleetway, The OVA, SatAM, AoStH, Sonic X, etc.) histories. Now gathered in an endless void where there is no time, no space, no anything, only a torrent of nothingness, and having no knowledge of who they are and who each other are, Silver must convince them
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Doctor Silver, wait Doctor who?
Yahallo! Shane Leath here and it's...
IDEA TIME! What if... SEGA/Sonic Team turned Silver's role into that similar to that of The Doctor? The person who watches Time, protects it, and ensures that no one abuses it. So to experiment with this thought I took a scene from the only Doctor Who episode I've ever seen which is 'Blink' and if you've seen that episode you know this scene, also statues will now forever spook me.
What I tried to do was take inspiration from the scene while adding things from the Sonic Universe and ideas for my Silver the Hedgehog game and also not totally and completely plagiarizing the original Doctor Who scene.
For those of you who haven't seen the episode here's a clip of the scene.
In this scene Sonic and Amy have found (something) that allows them to communicate with Silver who has been trapped in the past with no Time Stone after
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Eye Render Test Take 2 :iconshadowrulz324:ShadowRulz324 1 0 Raytrace it is! :iconshadowrulz324:ShadowRulz324 0 0 Metal Sonic Metal reflection testing. :iconshadowrulz324:ShadowRulz324 1 0


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Gone crazy... Be back soon...

    Yahallo! Shane here! Nothing really to say other than I've updated the Rewrites, most of it grammar, spelling, and layout. But ALL of them have at least one new scene and new pieces of dialogue.

    So yeah, here they are if you want to read them and if you do, Thank you! Also my Silver Short Story if you haven't read it yet!

Sonic Adventure 2

Sonic Heroes

Shadow the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

A Silver Story Pt 1.

A Silver Story Pt 2.
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    Air Chomp: Also, in that video earlier, did you notice the Red Star Ring? For some reason which I can't put my finger on.. I've become kinda intrigued by what they could be used for in that game. (Talking about Sonic Forces)

    Shane Leath: Hopefully something worth collecting them for and not just for 100%

    Air Chomp: Hoping so too. I liked what they did in Generations, really, you get a Homing attack for Classic if you get 'em all there.

    Shane Leath: Yeah.

    Air Chomp: Meanwhile, the Handheld 3DS version just kinda.. hands it to ya xD

    Shane Leath: I still need to play the 3DS version.

    Air Chomp: Okay, I won't spoil much more than that then x3

    Shane Leath: I just wish that they made it with zones from the handheld games instead of the same games as the console version.

    Air Chomp: Actually, there are some games featured in it that weren't in the console version. But I see what you mean!

    Shane Leath: I'm really just waiting to find it on the cheap because I don't think either version is worth full price. I'm glad I got Generations for $20 in a bargin bin.

    Air Chomp: x3

    Shane Leath: Because I'm sorry but I beat Generations 100% in around 3 hours the same day I bought the thing, that's just unacceptable for an Anniversary title. I mean with SA2 and SA2B you can beat the story in a day but it'll take awhile to 100% it. Then Sonic 06 will take a day or two to beat the story and some more time to 100%, Sonic Riders? Yeah the story can be beat in a few hours like Generations' but it's a multiplayer racing game. Sonic Generations doesn't quite stack up against the previous Anniversary titles, I like the game, I like the concept, I like what they put in it but... It needed more. Also the story sucks compared to SA2, Sonic 06, and Sonic Riders. The only Anniversary title I'd say is worse than Generations is Sonic Genesis for the GBA. If they would've had more stages like 2 or three per game, one boss from each game, and taken the story more seriously, I'd say it's better than Sonic 06 and Riders.

    Air Chomp: Oooh, boy, I actually had that GBA "game" x3 what a waste xD continue?

    Shane Leath: Working on it.

    Air Chomp: nodwobbles

    Shane Leath: I need to have music playing before I continue.

    Air Chomp: umm.. okay ouo.

    Shane Leath: Like for the stages I would've had for each era:

    Classic Era:
    Green Hill Zone and Starlight Zone from Sonic 1.
    Tidal Tempest Zone and Wacky Workbench Zone from Sonic CD.
    Chemical Plant Zone and Mystic Cave Zone from Sonic 2.
    Sky Sanctuary Zone and Icecap Zone from Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

    Dreamcast Era:
    Speed Highway and either Sky Deck or Red Mountain from SA1.
    City Escape and Final Rush from SA2.
    Seaside Hill/Ocean Palace and Rail Canyon/Bullet Station from Heroes.
    Cryptic Castle and Digital Circuit from Shadow.

    Modern Era:
    Crisis City and Kingdom Valley from Sonic 06.
    Rooftop Run and either Savannah Citadel or Dragon Road from Unleashed.
    Planet Wisp and Starlight Carnival from Colors.
    Two Original Levels for Generations that would tie into the Time Eater Boss Fight.

    Classic Era:
    Green Hill Boss
    Collision Chaos Eggman
    Silver Sonic
    Mecha Sonic/Super Mecha Sonic

    Dreamcast Era:
    Egg Viper
    Egg Albatross

    Modern Era:
    Egg Cerberus
    Dark Gaia Phoenix
    Nega Wisp Armor
    A new boss for Generations

    Rival Fights:
    Classic Era:
    Metal Sonic

    Dreamcast Era:

    Modern Era:
    A new Rival for Generations, perhaps Classic Sonic vs Modern Sonic and vice versa.

    Era Bosses:
    Death Egg Robo
    Perfect Chaos
    Egg Dragoon.

    Air Chomp: I was about to say the Dreamcast era had no Jet, but then I remembered Heroes. I see what you're getting at though. More things and variety. As it is now, it's mostly Cities and Tropics.

    Shane Leath: Then the story, well Silver should've been involved majorly after he was saved because time is being screwed with and Silver is the Sonic cast's defacto time traveller. The story should've had a Comedy & Drama scale like the Sly series does in 2, start off mostly comedic with enough drama/intrigue to warrant continuing then around the midway point slam the player with a plot twist and from then on the story becomes more dramatic and less comedic as the endgame grows closer, but there's still enough comedy to keep the mood up and not completely serious; which among other things was Shadow the Hedgehog's problem. And yes my main gripe with the stages is it's just Tropics and Cities but with a different flavor. Also if no one here has played the Sly Cooper games, do it.

    Air Chomp: I have.. sort of. I have a PS2, but finding the discs online will take a while.

    Shane Leath: Yeah. And Generations provided such a huge opportunity to bring back characters that we haven't seen in ages, only appear in certain games or never made it into a game like Mighty, Ray, Honey, Tiara, Nack, Bean, Bark, Big, Vanilla, Commander Tower, Jet, Wave, Storm, Tikal, Marine and so many more! Also the fact that they didn't incorporate a Classic Knuckles and Classic Amy annoys me.
A Sonic Generations Discord rant thing.
I have a very volatile love-hate relationship with Generations and the logo was made by Tails19950, found it through Google.…

Sonic Universe Timeline

    This is my headcanon timeline of events based upon The4thSnake's Sonic Timeline, the Archie Sonic timeline, and a few other sources. It also includes the birthdates and ages of the Characters in each game, their birthdates are either the same day the game they debut in was or the birthdate of one of their voice actors/actresses is. I took a few liberties with the history of the Echidnas, Dark Legion, and Brotherhood of Guardians. Also there are three eras present on the timeline, B.C. - Before Chaos, A.C. - After Chaos, and P.X.E which I don't know what it stands for. The Gods and Goddess mentioned are both based on how they are presented in the games/comics and the Greek Gods and Goddess.

    A few notes though, the characters are their official age during whichever game they appear in chronologically in the timeline and some of the minor characters (Nack, Bean, Back, Jet, Wave, Storm, etc.) haven't had their ages calculated yet. Shadow is physically 16 for as long as he lives, Blaze and Silver are a bit odd when it comes to their ages; Assuming time in the Sol Dimension passes the same in the Chaos Dimension her age is around the same as Tails'. Silver on the other hand due to him coming from 200-ish years after Sonic's time how old he is in each appearance can vary, he could be 14 in all his travels or he could be older than that by who knows how much, so his age like Blaze will be written down as 14/??.

    400,000 - 4,000 B.C.: Mammoth Mogul is born.

    9,700 B.C.: The Order of Ixis is formed by Ixis Mogul. They are a religious cult of sorcerers and sorceresses that worship Ixis the God of the underworld, dead (Like Hades/Pluto), and magic.

    3,500 B.C.: The Rise of Early Human and Mobian Civilizations including the birthplace of Echidna civilization, Albion, located off the coast of Avalon is established as is the worship of the Gods, Athair (King of the Gods and God of men, Kings, law, order, and justice like Zeus/Jupiter), Aurora (Queen of the Gods and Goddess of marriage, women, childbirth, heirs, and Queens like Hera/Juno) and Enerjak (God of War, Bloodshed, and Violence like Ares/Mars).

    3,200 B.C.: The Forgotten War. The Albion Knights of Aurora and The Order of Ixis clashed for control of the planet resulting in an Albion victory and destruction of the Order of Ixis.

    2,000 - 1 B.C.: Three groups of Echidnas left Albion to explore the world. A select group of Scientists travelled to Tralius and performed inhumane experiments on the local Tasmanian Devil population mutating them into Mobinis (Wildlife such as the Flickies, Lockies, and other animals sealed in Eggman's capsules and robots.) known as Tasmanian Devil Dogs. The Knuckles & Nocturnus Clans travelled to the continent of Soumerca where they colonized and built the city of Echidnaopolis.

    The Knuckles Clan and Nocturnus Clan fought various battles with the native Felidae and eventually the two clans turned on each other and the land was caught in a three way war for control of Soumerca. At some point the Nocturnus Clan was banished to the Twilight Zone during something known as The Argus Event leaving only The Knuckles Clan and Felidae to fight. Close to the end of the Epoc, the daughter of Chief Pachacamac, Tikal discovered the Master Emerald Shrine and Chaos Emeralds along with the inhabitants of the shrine, The Chao. Who were being protected by Chaos (God of the sea, rivers, floods, droughts, and earthquakes like Poseidon/Neptune and The Chaos Energies) these two became unlikely friends and together they cared for and protected the Chao from the ongoing war. Though this friendship came at a cost, eventually her Father learned of The Shrine and the Emeralds and decided to try and take them for the clan.

    0 A.C.: When Pachacamac led a charge on The Master Emerald Shrine he harmed his daughter and killed many of the Chao that she and Chaos were protecting. Which filled Chaos’s heart with rage, resentment, and he absorbed the negative energies of the Chaos Emeralds and laid waste to the continent of Soumerca. His wrath was stopped when Tikal used the positive energies of the Chaos Emeralds and sacrificed herself to the gods and goddess and sealed herself and Chaos inside the Master Emerald, the resulting energy of having a god and a now demi-god trapped inside it caused a large area of the surrounding landmass to rip free from Soumerca and rise into the air where it’s stayed ever since.

    1 A.C. - 600 A.C.: Echidnas colonize Angel Island and build and a brand new Echidnaopolis.

    800 A.C.: Alexander Acorn, also known as Alexander the Unifier and the first of the Acorn lineage established the first monarchy, The Kingdom of Acorn, and the first multicultural city, Mobotropolis, on Westside Island in the Chaos Archipelago.

    2858 A.C. - ???? A.C.: The Echidna brothers Edmund and Dimitri are born and grow up to become two of Angel Island’s most renowned scientists and when they developed a way to restore Angel Island back to it’s place on Mobius using Dimitri’s Chaos Syphon Suit to drain the Master Emerald of its energies which kept the Island aloft. Their plan is denounced as heresy by the High Council and denied, Edmund gracefully accepted the verdict while Dimitri recklessly and stubbornly decided to go ahead with the plan. As he drained the Master Emerald it’s energies were transferred to him amplifying his Chaos Control abilities tenfold; When Edmund caught wind of his brother's actions he tried stopping him and while he was able to deactivate the suit he was also affected by the Chaotic Energy. His own Chaos Control abilities were amplified and was given a white crescent marking on his chest and was now able to detect the Chaotic Energy of the Master Emerald and Chaos Emeralds. Following this Dimitri was hauled away to prison and Edmund became the first Guardian of the Master Emerald, while he was imprisoned Dimitri learned to use his new powers and used them become the living embodiment of the Chaos God Enerjak, escape and use the city’s own defences against it and effectively enslave the population.

    While short-lived during his reign as dictator of Echidnaopolis, Dimitri established his technocratic army known as the Dark Legion, married Cynthia-Wa and had a son named Menniker, abducted his brother and imprisoned him and all enemies of the state in a prison built on Mount Fate known as the Dark Tower. When a resistance was formed by the citizens of Echidnaopolis to try and defeat him they allied with the Fire Ant Council and Dingoes to take down their common enemy, as soon as they had the numbers and a plan set they launched an assault on the Tower while the Echidnas and Dingoes kept the Legion occupied allowing the Fire Ants to dig out the Tower’s foundation. It collapsed in on itself killing most of the Legion and, thanks to Enerjak making him invulnerable and the walls of the Tower immune to Chaotic Energies, trapping Dimitri under the rubble.

    The remaining members of the Dark Legion surrendered and were subsequently either imprisoned or executed, Edmund took in his nephew and raised him alongside his own son, Steppenwolf. Menniker frequently visited the rubble of the Dark Tower to pray and swear revenge for his father’s supposed death, when he was a teenager and Edmund began training him to be a Guardian alongside his cousin he began to receive telepathic messages from his father telling him to follow in his footsteps and revive the Dark Legion. As their training continued Menniker played along while he began forming plans to break the living members of the Dark Legion out of prison and take over, when his training was near completion he faked his death and set his plans in motion. After freeing the Legionnaires they began a Civil War on the echidna population over time they started taking the upper hand and the High Council, desperate to end the strife, started considering the option of surrendering to the Legion’s reign till Edmund and Steppenwolf came to them saying that they would handle it.

    During a Dark Legion rally the Father and Son Guardians approached the Grandmaster still unaware it was Menniker and attempted negotiations but when Menniker revealed himself to them, explained his reasoning behind his actions and realizing neither side could be convinced to join the other a fight ensued. The fight was ended by Edmund sacrificing himself to seal Menniker and the Dark Legion away in the Twilight Zone, afterwards Steppenwolf took over as Guardian and Echidnaopolis isolated themselves. Steppenwolf married Eri-Ka and had a son named Moonwatcher and together over time the family formed the Brotherhood of Guardians who would protect the Master Emerald and Angel Island from any and all outsiders with malicious intent as well as protect Echidna interests on a global scale.

    July 3rd, 3168 A.C.: Maria Robotnik is born to Geraldo and Meredith Robotnik.

    Sep. 9th, 3174 A.C.: Dr. Ivo Julian Robotnik is born to Ivo & Bertha Robotnik.

    June 19th, 3180 A.C.: G.U.N. forces storm the Space Colony ARK; Gerald is captured and Maria Robotnik is killed while Shadow the Hedgehog is put in Cryo-Stasis. Prof. Gerald is 50+, Maria is 12, Robotnik is 6

    March 5th 3209 A.C.: Vector the Crocodile is born.

    June 10th, 3211 A.C.: Mighty the Armadillo is born.

    June 23rd, 3211 A.C.: Sonic the Hedgehog is born to Bernadette and Jules Hedgehog.

    Dec. 19th, 3211 A.C.: Big the Cat is born.

    Aug. 5th, 3212 A.C.: Knuckles the Echidna is born to Locke and Lara-Le Echidna.

    Oct 25th, 3212 A.C.: Rouge the Bat is born.

    Feb. 8th 3213 A.C.: Espio the Chameleon is born to the Bride of Constant Vigil & Unknown Father.

    March 17th, 3213 A.C.: Storm the Albatross is born.

    Feb 21st, 3214 A.C.: Wave the Swallow is born.

    Sep. 6th. 3215 A.C.: Amy Rose is born.

    Aug. 17th 3217 A.C.: Ray the Flying Squirrel is born.

    Feb. 23rd, 3218 A.C.: Jet the Hawk is born.

    April 28th, 3218 A.C.: Miles ‘Tails’ Prower is born to Rosemary & Amadeus Prower.

    Sep. 15th 3223 A.C.: Charmy the Bee is born.

    March 9th, 3225 A.C.: Cream the Rabbit is born to Vanilla Rabbit and Unknown Father.

3226 A.C.

    April 28th, 3226 A.C.:
Tails was flying aimlessly when he stumbled upon a solitary island with a huge steel railroad. He checked it out. When he arrived, he sensed vibrations on the railroad, so he jumped into the bushes to hide. To his confusion, an eccentric lady naming herself the great Wendy Witchcart rode past him and announced to no one in particular that she owns the island and claimed that dissenters will be turned to crystal. Tails was determined to rescue the Animals of the island, so he went to oppose Witchcart and her like-minded minions. (Tails’ Skypatrol) Tails is 8.

    June 23rd, 3226 A.C.: On the lush, tropical paradise of South Island, Sonic the Hedgehog's animal friends begin disappearing one by one. When he discovers that the evil scientist, Dr. Ivo Julian Robotnik, has been kidnapping them and converting them into robotic Badniks as part of a plot to collect all six of the fabled Chaos Emeralds, Sonic decides he’s not havin’ any of that and goes out to kick some robutnik. (Sonic the Hedgehog 1991) Dr. Eggman is 52 and Sonic is 15.

3227 A.C.

    June 1st, 3227 A.C.: Sonic, Ray and Mighty have been kidnapped by Dr. Eggman and takes them prisoners on Eggman Island: an island littered with traps and hazards that can be activated with the push of a button. None of the three are havin’ any of that so they amount an escape attempt. (SEGASonic the Hedgehog) Dr. Eggman is 52/53, Mighty is 16, Sonic is 16 and Ray is 10.

    Nov 17th, 3227 A.C.: Dr. Robotnik finally realizes that Sonic's speed is key to his failures, so he creates the Slow-Down Boots with chaos energy to replace his trademark sneakers. While imprisoned within his artificial labyrinth on South Island, Sonic discovers that he can still Spin Dash, so he uses that to his advantage to stop the bad doctor once again. (Sonic Labyrinth) Dr. Eggman is 53 and Sonic is 16.
    Nov 11th, 3227 A.C.: The Battle Bird Armada invades Tails' home, Westside Island, in search of the six known Chaos Emeralds. (Tails’ Adventure) Tails is 9.

    Nov. 19th, 3227 A.C.: The mysterious Little Planet appears over Never Lake for approximately one month every year. Dr. Robotnik knows that Little Planet contains time-displacing qualities (Thanks to the fabled seven Time Stones), so he chains the planet to a mountain in an artificial metallic sphere and sets robot generators to manufacture Badniks out of the planet's miracle seeds. Sonic sets off on a time-traveling adventure to set things right, pursued by Robotnik's latest creation Metal Sonic and a star-crossed hedgehog girl named Amy Rose, who came to Little Planet to follow her destiny. (Sonic the Hedgehog CD) Dr. Eggman is 53, Sonic is 16 and Amy is 12.

3228 A.C.

    Sometime in 3228 A.C. before Sonic 2 (8 & 16 Bit), 3&K: Dr. Robotnik managed to get the Red Chaos Emerald without Sonic knowing, but this causes a chain reaction of chaos energy, resulting in South Island slowly sinking into the ocean. Sonic and Tails must gather the Emeralds on the island to prevent it from being destroyed. Also Sonic & Tails’ first meeting. (Sonic Chaos) Dr. Eggman is 53/54, Sonic is 16/17 and Tails is 9/10.

    Dr. Robotnik takes control of Mt. Mobius, turning it into his new Veg-O-Fortress which transforms helpless animals into robot slaves at an alarming rate. Sonic storms the mountain to put a stop to his schemes, retrieving the Chaos Emeralds in the process. The original game contains cameos of characters from the contemporary cartoons and Archie comics during the bonus rounds, and the game even takes place on Planet Mobius. (Sonic Spinball) Dr. Eggman is 53/54 and Sonic is 16/17.

    Oct 18th - Nov 24th, 3228 A.C.: Sonic returns to the island to find it invaded once again by Dr. Robotnik. Miles "Tails" Prower, a close friend of Sonic's, is kidnapped by Dr. Robotnik and used as a bargaining chip in order to make his nemesis collect the six Chaos Emeralds for him. (Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (8-Bit)) Dr. Eggman is 54, Sonic is 17 and Tails is 10.

    Following Tails’ rescue the duo set out for Westside Island flying Sonic's plane, the Tornado, Dr. Robotnik follows them on a hunch. While there, he gets a reading that the six Chaos Emeralds have relocated themselves within the island's depths, along with a lost seventh Chaos Emerald spoken of in the island's legend. He launches his space station, the Death Egg, and sets his eyes on the seven Chaos Emeralds to fuel its weapons. Sonic and Tails set out to find the Emeralds and stop the Death Egg from threatening the world. (Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-Bit)) Dr. Eggman is 54, Sonic is 17 and Tails is 10.

    The Death Egg crash-landed on the floating Angel Island making it land in the ocean below. Dr. Robotnik begins to repair the Death Egg and intends to steal the Chaos Emeralds as an energy source by tricking Knuckles the Echidna, the guardian of the island, into believing Sonic and Tails are his enemies. Knuckles believes the scientist and supports his base of operations on his island, initiating the feud between hedgehog and echidna. When the relaunch of the Death Egg ends in failure, Dr. Robotnik sets his sights on the Master Emerald, which would keep the island afloat if the Death Egg weren't weighing it down. (Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles) Dr. Eggman is 54Sonic is 17, Knuckles is 16 and Tails is 10.

3229 A.C.

    Sometime Before Sonic Generations in 3229 A.C.: Dr. Robotnik has captured six of the Chaos Emeralds; unfortunately for him, an accident during the testing phase of his weapons scatters the Emeralds across the island again. While Sonic and Tails are out to retrieve them, they are repeatedly cut short by Knuckles the Echidna; Robotnik has already claimed the yellow Emerald, and he's once again duped the guardian into believing Sonic and Tails are out to steal the stones. Meanwhile, a sneaky treasure hunter named Fang the Sniper is taking advantage of the commotion in the hopes of getting his own mitts on the Emeralds. (Sonic Triple Trouble) Dr. Eggman is 54, Sonic is 17, Knuckles is 16 and Tails is 10/11.

    Dr. Robotnik has built the Death Egg II, and the only thing that can reach it, Tails' Lunar Fox, is a single-seater. Therefore, the heroes hold a tournament to see who is worthy of going to space to foil Robotnik's plans. This game also introduces Bark the Polar Bear and Bean the Dynamite, as well as Tails' reconnaissance robot Mecha Sonic Model No.29. (Sonic the Fighters) Dr. Eggman is 54, Bark is 17, Sonic is 17, Bean is 15, Espio is 15/16, Knuckles is 16, Amy is 13 and Tails is 10/11.

    Dr. Robotnik discovers that the Flickies of Flicky Island can travel between dimensions via large rings. He theorizes that he can use their abilities to locate the Chaos Emeralds, so he turns them into robots to resume his search for the Emeralds. Sonic travels through the island, freeing every single Flicky he comes across. Along the way, Tails and Knuckles help him find the Chaos Emeralds. (Sonic 3D Blast) Dr. Eggman is 54, Sonic is 17, Knuckles is 16 and Tails is 10/11.

    June 23rd, 3229 A.C.: When Classic Sonic was pulled into Sonic Generations. (Sonic Generations) Classic Dr. Eggman is 54, Classic Vector is 20, Classic Sonic is 18, Classic Espio is 16, Classic Knuckles is 16, Classic Amy is 13, Classic Tails is 11 and Classic Charmy is 5.

    Sometime After Sonic Generations in 3229 A.C.: Sonic and Knuckles join together to investigate the mysterious floating platform which appeared near South Island, and stop Dr. Robotnik from collecting five Chaos Emeralds. While this game was released at the end of 1996 in conjunction with the similarly named Sonic 3D Blast, it should be noted that both games have little in common. (Sonic Blast) Dr. Eggman is 54/55, Sonic is 18 and Knuckles is 16/17.

    Sonic joins the World Grand Prix in a race for the seven Chaos Emeralds. Tails, Knuckles and Amy, knowing of Robotnik's plans, join in as well. (Sonic R) Dr. Eggman is 54/55, Sonic is 18, Knuckles is 16/17, Amy is 13/14 and Tails is 11.

    Sep. 15th, 3229 A.C.: Crazy weird shite with some Sling Rings, Dr. Robotnik, A Croc with a Walkman, a Chameleon Ninja, Bee, Armadillo, a Guardian Echidna, and a very large red Metal Sonic (Knuckles’ Chaotix) Dr. Eggman is 55, Vector is 20, Mighty is 18, Sonic is 18, Knuckles is 17, Espio is 16, Tails is 11 and Charmy is 6.

3230 A.C.

    May 15th, 3230 A.C.: Dr. Eggman recreates some of his prized older inventions to have revenge on Sonic. While the game was said to take place after Dr. Eggman lost the Master Emerald during his last encounter with Sonic. (Sonic 4 Ep. 1) Dr. Eggman is 55 and Sonic is 18.

    Sometime Between Sonic 4 Ep. 1 and Sonic Adventure in 3230 A.C.: Picking up a few months directly after Episode I Eggman's true plot is revealed. When "locked-on" to Episode I of the same platform, it opens the Episode Metal scenario, which takes place shortly before Episode II and shows why Eggman was investigating Lost Labyrinth and why he built Mad Gear. (Sonic 4 Ep. Metal, and Sonic 4 Ep. 2) Dr. Eggman is 55, Sonic is 18 and Tails is 12.

    June 19th, 3230 A.C.: Dr. Eggman tries to use Chaos, a water creature he released from the Master Emerald, to conquer Station Square. (Sonic Adventure) Tikal is 4,000+, Dr. Eggman is 55, Big is 18, Sonic is 18, Knuckles is 17, Amy is 14 and Tails is 12.

    Sometime After Sonic Adventure in 3230 A.C.: Sonic and company getting caught up in a mess in a realm called Maginaryworld, which they inadvertently stumble upon one day. A villain named Void has shattered the Precioustone into many pieces, resulting in chaos in every part of the world. Lumina Flowlight and the rest of Maginaryworld are counting on Sonic to restore it and bring Illumina back, who mysteriously disappeared at the time of the crisis. (Sonic Shuffle) Dr. Eggman is 55/56, Big is 18, Sonic is 18/19, Knuckles is 17/18, Amy is 14/15 and Tails is 12.

    Oct 25th, 3230 A.C.: Hero story begins with Sonic wrongly captured by the G.U.N. military and making his escape, while Dark story begins with Dr. Eggman's assault on one of their facilities on Prison Island and unraveling the mystery of his grandfather, Professor Gerald Robotnik. (Sonic Adventure 2) Dr. Eggman is 56, Shadow is 50, Sonic is 19, Knuckles is 18, Rouge is 18, Amy is 15 and Tails is 12.

3231 A.C.

    Feb. 3rd, 3231 A.C.: Dr. Eggman goes back to his roots and concocts the same old scheme: keep Sonic distracted with his robots while he tracks down the Chaos Emeralds. This time, Sonic is joined by his friends Tails, Knuckles and Amy. (Sonic Advance) Dr. Eggman is 56, Sonic is 19, Knuckles is 18, Amy is 15 and Tails is 12.

    March 9th, 3231 A.C.: Eggman's strategy is essentially unchanged from the prequel, but this time he tries kidnapping Sonic's friends or in the case of Knuckles, tricking him to join his cause. (Sonic Advance 2) Dr. Eggman is 56, Sonic is 19, Knuckles is 18, Amy is 15, Tails is 12 and Cream is 6.

    June 1st, 3231 A.C.: Dr. Eggman has turned the gamblers of Casinopolis into robots and brainwashes Tails and Amy. Sonic must save his friends by winning a pinball tournament called the "Egg Cup Tournament." (Sonic Pinball Party) Dr. Eggman is 56, Sonic is 19, Knuckles is 18, Amy is 15, Tails is 13 and Cream is 6.

    Sometime after Sonic Advance 2 in 3231 A.C.: Frustrated at his creator’s incompetence and wanting to prove that HE the one true Sonic, Metal overthrows Dr. Eggman and takes command of the Eggman Empire and challenges Team Sonic to stop him in 3 days or the world is his! He also implicates Sonic in the kidnapping of Chocola Chao and Froggy, Dr. Eggman hires The Chaotix to free him and stop Metal Sonic. Oh and Shadow’s back. (Sonic Heroes) Dr. Eggman is 56/57, Shadow is 50/51, Vector is 22, Sonic is 19/20, Big is 18, Espio is 18, Knuckles is 18/19, Rouge is 18/19, Amy is 15/16, Tails is 13, Charmy is 7/8, Cream is 6.

    Nov 15th, 3231 A.C.: Shadow wants to know what his past is, luckily for him his father come to tell him… and take over the planet too. Does he side with his father or does he turn his back on him or does he believe he’s an android clone and take over the Eggman Empire? THE CHOICE IS YOURS! (Shadow the Hedgehog) Black Doom is 2,000+, Dr. Eggman is 57, Shadow is 51, Vector is 22, Sonic is 20, Espio is 18, Knuckles is 19, Rouge is 19, Amy is 16, Tails is 13, Charmy is 8, Cream is 6.

    Dec. 4th, 3231 A.C.: Sonic and his pals found an ancient robot made the Nocturnus Clan and to find out what it does, they fight it because it’s so obvious. Yet sadly Eggman gets his mitts on the thing and it goes all Terminator on the group, so Sonic fights the thing and shuts it down… by blowin’ it up. This is why we can’t have nice things Sonic, you blow ‘em all up. (Sonic Battle) Dr. Eggman is 57, Shadow is 51, Sonic is 20, Knuckles is 19, Rouge is 19, Amy is 16, Tails is 13 and Cream is 6.

3232 A.C.

    Sometime Before Sonic Advance 3 in 3232 A.C.: Dr. Eggman teams up with his alternate counterpart, Dr. Eggman Nega to collect the Chaos Emeralds and Sol Emeralds. While Sonic teams up with Blaze the Cat to get them before the Doctors. (Sonic Rush) Dr. Eggman is 57, Sonic is 20, Knuckles is 19, Amy is 16, Blaze is 14, Tails is 13/14 and Cream is 6/7.

    June 7th, 3232 A.C.: Eggman has torn the planet into separate dimensional zones, and Sonic and Tails must reunite with their allies and use teamwork to fight off Eggman and reform the world. (Sonic Advance 3) Dr. Eggman is 57, Sonic is 20, Knuckles is 19, Amy is 16, Tails is 14 and Cream is 7.

    Sometime After Sonic Advance 3 in 3232 A.C.: Some shenanigans with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Eggman and Chaos Emeralds and a Brainwashing Beam. (Sonic Jump 2005/2007) Dr. Eggman is 57/58, Sonic is 20/21, Knuckles is 19/20 and Tails is 14.

    Sometime After Sonic Jump in 3232 A.C.: Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles compete in the Eggman World Grand Prix against newcomers, The Babylon Rogues; Jet the Hawk, Wave the Swallow, and Storm the Albatross. As it turns out Eggman just wanted the Chaos Emeralds to find some ancient treasure but is stopped by Sonic and Co.and at the end we learn the Rogues come from a long line of Magical Bird Genies! (Sonic Riders) Dr. Eggman is 57/58, Shadow is 51/52, Sonic is 20/21, Knuckles is 19/20, Storm is 19, Wave is 18, Amy is 16/17, Jet is 14, Tails is 14 and Cream is 7.

3233 A.C.

    Sometime Before Sonic Rush Adventure in 3233 A.C.: Dr. Eggman is after another Sealed Evil in a Can but this time it’s sealed inside Princess Elise and Sonic, as usual, ain’t havin’ none of that. Shadow is sent to save Rouge who was after something holding another Sealed Evil, well the Sealed Evil gets released and starts screwin’ things up and Shadow ain’t havin’ none of that. Then in the far future Silver is sent after Sonic because he’s going to destroy the future using one of the Sealed Evils, and Silver ain’t havin’ none of that. (Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)) Dr. Eggman is 58/59, Shadow is 52/53, Sonic is 21/22, Knuckles is 20/21, Rouge is 20/21, Amy is 17/18, Princess Elise is 17, Blaze is 14/15, Tails is 14/15 and Silver is 14.

    Sometime After Sonic 06 in 3233 A.C.: Because it worked SO well the last time Dr. Eggman and Dr. Eggman Nega team up again to defeat their nemeses, but this time… IN THE SOL DIMENSION!. Blaze and Sonic like last time, ain’t havin’ none of that so they go out to stop ‘em. (Sonic Rush Adventure) Dr. Eggman is 58/59, Sonic is 21/22, Blaze is 14/15, Tails is 14/15 and Marine is 7.

    Sometime After Sonic Rush Adventure in 3233 A.C.: Well because clearly they can’t work together at all, Nega impersonates Eggman and does something involving a camera and cards. This time not only is Sonic not havin’ any of that, Shadow, Silver, and Knuckles aren’t either! (Sonic Rivals) Dr. Eggman is 58/59, Shadow is 52/53, Sonic is 21/22, Knuckles is 20/21, Amy is 17/18, Tails is 14/15 and Silver is 14/??.

    Sometime After Sonic Rivals in 3233 A.C.: While spending time at home sick with the flu Sonic started reading ‘One Thousand and One Nights’ but fell asleep during it. He was awoken by Shahra, Genie of the Ring, and was asked to help stop the evil Erazor Djinn from destroying the book, so Sonic being the upstanding guy he is, helps her out; because he ain’t havin’ none of that. (Sonic & The Secret Rings) Sonic is 21/22.

    Nov 13th, 3233 A.C.: Since it worked SO well the last time, Nega impersonates Eggman again and now turns the fiery burning shithole and Silver who comes from the now-fiery-burning-shithole future ain’t havin’ none of that so he teams up with Espio to stop Nega. Also Shadow, Metal Sonic, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Rouge are there; presumably because they aren’t havin’ any of that either. (Sonic Rivals 2) Dr. Eggman is 59, Shadow is 53, Vector is 24, Sonic is 22, Espio is 21, Knuckles is 21, Rouge is 21, Amy is 18, Tails is 15 and Silver is 14/??.

    Sometime After Sonic Rivals 2 in 3233 A.C.: The Rogues are back and this time they can control gravity! Also so can Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and everyone else. Somethin’ about evil robots that can also control gravity, black holes, and oh and the Rogues not only come from a long line of Magical Bird Genies but Magical SPACE Bird Genies! (Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity) Dr. Eggman is 59, Shadow is 53, Sonic is 22, Knuckles is 21, Rouge is 21, Amy is 18, Tails is 15, Blaze is 14/??, Silver is 14/?? and Cream is 8.

3234 A.C.

    Sometime Before SatBK in 3234 A.C.: Dr. Eggman has built himself a giant space armada and Sonic was havin’ none of that so he went up there and f***ed stuff up. However Eggman f***ed Sonic up and turned him into a Werehog so now Sonic has to travel the world to restore the Chaos Emeralds and himself to normal. Also the world was split into multiple pieces by Eggman and there’s an amnesiac food obsessed fuzzy fairy thing that tags along named Chip. Does anyone know what Chip is? (Sonic Unleashed) Dr. Eggman is 59, Sonic is 22, Amy is 18 and Tails is 15.

    March 3rd, 3234 A.C.: While waiting for Amy so they could go on a date Sonic started reading “Le Morte d'Arthur” because he’s a cultured man and likes his medieval legends. Yet like the last big book he read, he got sucked into this one as well and now has to stop an evil, brainwashed King Arthur and save Avalon! (Sonic & The Black Knight) Sonic is 22 and Amy is 18.

    Nov 4th, 3234 A.C.: Another Grand Prix is being held by Eggman so Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, The Rogues, and more of the Sonic Cast compete in it. And that’s about it… nothin’ much else happens… nothin’ at all... (Sonic Free Riders) Dr. Eggman is 60, Shadow is 54, Vector is 25, Sonic is 23, Knuckles is 22, Rouge is 22, Amy is 19, Tails is 16, Blaze is 14/??, Silver is 14/?? and Cream is 9.

    Nov 16th, 3234 A.C.: Because he feels bad for all his previous misdeeds, Dr. Eggman has built an amusement park for the whole world to enjoy! Sonic and Tails suspecting shenanigans go to investigate and what do they find? NOTHING! Absolutely nothing! No evil plans to use an alien species to brainwash the world into submission going on here… Nope, none. At. All. (Sonic Colors) Dr. Eggman is 60, Sonic is 23 and Tails is 16.

3235 A.C.

    June 23rd, 3235 A.C.: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONIC! Here’s your present, a trip through your life! Courtesy of your arch-nemeses, Dr. Eggman, and his 54yr old self! Also all your friends are lifeless statues now. (Sonic Generations) Dr. Eggman is 60, Shadow is 54, Vector is 26, Mighty is 24, Sonic is 24, Big is 22, Espio is 23, Knuckles is 23, Rouge is 22, Amy is 20, Ray is 17, Tails is 17, Charmy is 11, Cream is 10

    Oct 18th, 3235 A.C.: Whatever the plot of Sonic Jump 2012 is. (Sonic Jump (2012)) Dr. Eggman is 61, Shadow is 54, Vector is 26, Sonic is 24, Knuckles is 23, Rouge is 22, Amy is 21, Tails is 17, Blaze is 14/??, Silver is 14/?? and Cream is 10.

    Oct 29th, 3235 A.C.: Somehow nobody except Eggman managed to find out that there's a planetoid orbiting Mobius inhabited by sentient lifeforms so what does Dr. Eggman plan to do about this? Conquer it of course! I mean, heh, what else would you do with a discovery like that? Oh, and Sonic and friends go to there to stop it. (Sonic Lost World) Dr. Eggman is 61, Sonic is 24, Knuckles is 23, Amy is 21 and Tails is 17.

    Sometime After Sonic Lost World in 3235 A.C.: There is a plot somewhere, it's told in text boxes... I think Eggman's up to no good again... nah that's not right... Is it... no... welp I dunno. (Sonic Runners) Dr. Eggman is 61, Shadow is 55, Vector is 26, Sonic is 24, Big is 22/23, Espio is 23, Knuckles is 23, Rouge is 23, Amy is 21, Tails is 17, Blaze is 14/??, Silver is 14/??, Charmy is 12, Cream is 10.

Sometime After Sonic Runners in 3235 A.C.: Some plot things... (Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood) Dr. Eggman is 61, Shadow is 55, Vector is 26, Mighty is 24, Sonic is 24, Big is 22/23, Espio is 23, Knuckles is 23, Rouge is 23, Storm is 22, Wave is 21, Amy is 21, Ray is 18, Jet is 17, Tails is 17, Blaze is 14/??, Silver is 14/??, Charmy is 12, Cream is 10.

THE FUTURE! or past, who knows...

    ???? A.C.: (Sonic Mania, if it has plot which I doubt)

    ???? A.C.: (Project Sonic 2017)

    ???? P.X.E.:
Silver the Hedgehog is born and everyone else is dead... except possibly Shadow who is quite possibly immortal thanks to his father Black Doom, though he can be killed, hard to kill, but he can be killed.



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